OpenPaths Apps

To begin using OpenPaths, install our tracking app on your iOS or Android device. A new release for OpenPaths will available on the Apple Store and on the Google Play store in Mid-December. The apps will record your location data, visualize your location history, and sync your data with the OpenPaths servers.

The OpenPaths apps run in the background on your device and are designed to have minimal impact on battery life. Rather than report your position continuously via GPS, the app logs any "significant" change in location as determined by the device APIs. The apps are not intended to use when tracking athletics, for example, when a high-resolution GPS path might be desirable. Rather, the OpenPaths apps are intended to drop digital breadcrumbs as you move throughout the places in your world every day.

In addition to recording location changes in the background, bringing the app into focus on your device will generate a point at your current location. The OpenPaths apps will periodically sync any recorded data to the OpenPaths servers. You can turn off auto-sync in the settings panel.

Note for old users: Our apps replace the uploader application previously used to add data to OpenPaths, which is no longer supported, more info here.

OpenPaths for iPhone

OpenPaths for Android