Aragon Open Social Data

by Aragon Open Data

Mapping how people move through Aragon region and share it with Aragon's citizens

Aragon Open Social Data is a project of Aragon Open Data, who is part of the New Technologies Department of the Aragon Region Government (Spain).

Aragon Open Social Data is listening what is happening at social networks and is relevant for the Aragon Region. We only listen to data which has been declared public or able to be listened by the citizens owners of the data. We also offer an option to people who don't want to be listened anymore, to stay out of the data harvesting.

We gather the information and then we offer it as an "Aragon Region Open feed". Everybody can access to it via API:

Every social network has a reuse license that we show for developers, we have made a colour scale to represent what everybody can do with data:

This reuse license has been made studing every social network terms of use and it has been written in a legal report:

1. We will show the open paths data into de "Aragon Region Open Feed".
2. We will write terms of use for the open paths information to make clear to developers what they can do with the data
3. The Aragon Government will analize the data for a better understanding of mobility in the Aragon Region

We will only give access to the data that Open Paths let us manage (that will be with no personal data in it). We will legaly keep clear what is possible to do with data. We can study every action that Open Paths could requiere us.

1. We are giving the "Aragon Open Region feed" which contains the Open Paths Data.
2. We are studing the data at the Aragon government to understand citizens behaviour and try to offer better public services