by Mimi Onuoha -Fulbright/Nat Geo

PATH//WAYS is a project about the city of London and how it is experienced by its inhabitants, on and offline.

PATH//WAYS is a project done in fulfillment of the Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship. The portion of the project that requires OpenPaths involves tracking where a group of demographically different Londoners move around in the city (there's another portion of the project that involves the sites the participants travel to online). The ultimate goal of the project is to explore how different types of Londoners interact with one another across these two spaces. To that end, the project will culminate in the creation of visual maps that explore if and how the structural realities of urban offline spaces are replicated online.

The OpenPaths data will be used specifically in the creation of the physical geolocation maps.

I plan to use secure networks whenever working with the data. I'll also be storing the data on a protected external hard drive that only I will have access to. No personal/identifying information will be shown in the work; all data will be anonymized. None of the data will be passed on to other parties. Once completed, all raw data will be deleted from my machine and given solely to the participants.

The final output of the project will be interactive and physical maps that show how the participants move around the city. There will also be an art show in the city of London where the maps will be displayed in physical form.