Track B/A+P


Situating the users of a school with respect to the data of their peers using a networked multimedia installation.

Track B/A+P will use OpenPaths data from student and faculty volunteers to build a live virtual environment of the SUNY at Buffalo Department of Architecture and Planning. This environment will feature in an installed project which will allow users of a campus space to orient themselves physically to the live data of their peers. It will use a tangible interface to study the extent to which a blending of architectural devices and social networks might transform the perception of an urban space.

The work will inform new projects that are interested in either using a networked system to impart sets of information relevant to architectural use, or the degree to which our perception of location data might be affect this use.

To better allow users to orient themselves to tracked locations, the project will only use location data collected while on an immediately around the SUNY at Buffalo south campus.

Track B/A+P will composite the location data of OpenPaths users on the UB South Campus over the course of the spring semester. The regular, anonymous, and secure nature of OpenPaths data allows this project to safely generate a high quality virtual map from the mobile devices of many individuals.

Project data will be accessed from a secured network location. All stored information will be kept in locked spaces to protect the privacy of participants involved.

Results of this project will be featured on a project website, a published paper, and in an installed work at SUNY Buffalo.