Visualizing Social Networks

by Brian Krohn

This will be a piece of art visualizing how our social networks overlap in the physical world.

For this project I will create a visualization of at social networks in the Minneapolis, St. Paul metro area in order to find out how the social networks overlap in the physical world. Each network will consist of at lest 5 individuals who all have close relationships with one specific individual in the network (called the node). There will be at least two nodes with their respective networks and the nodes will explicitly interact with each other socially and spatially but their networks will not know each other socially (e.g. two co-workers who have separate friends outside of work). The goal will be to see how these networks overlap spatially.

OpenPaths will be used to collect the location data of the social networks

Data will be anonymous.

The artwork will be published on a website and OpenPatths credited for providing the data.