Realistic urban path modeling

by Daniel Pereira

Realistic urban path modeling with open-data

Realistic urban walk paths are difficult to model, with innumerable variables to account. However, with help of open-data from the government, open services from OpenStreetMaps and context from location based services such as Foursquare, Google Places and Twitter actual urban mobility can be greatly improved and new models can be created.

However, real user data is needed in order to benchmark the models against reality. For that, we count on data from OpenPaths users.

OpenPaths data will be used so that we can compare our developed urban walk models against real user data.

All data is strictly available inside private networks. Data will be used for internal benchmarking and only the result of the comparison will be made public.

Our goal is to publish papers, and contribute with our models models to the academy. The algorithms are already available on on github. The data from OpenPaths will not be made public.