Music festival in Switzerland

by Antonin Danalet

How can we model activities in a music festival?

Paleo music festival takes places every year for 6 days in Nyon, Switzerland. Data were already collected using 10 phones as antennas and collecting Bluetooth traces from other phones. We would like to collect traces of users in this festival to better understand their choice of activity. In particular, we would like to develop a model of activity choice, in order to be able to forecast the behavior in different scenarios (different concert schedules, different locations for toilets, etc.).

The traces will be associated to a map of potential activity locations: the x-y coordinates will first be transformed to look like 'concert from 8 to 9 and then beer in this bar from 9 to 10'. Then, a mathematical model will be associated to this description, explaining the behavior based on schedules of concerts, distance between the concert and the bar, etc.

We regularly manage mobility data (projets with Nokia, e.g.). I usually use my lab's server with postgresql/postgis, which asks for VPN access on campus, then password to access the database, managed by professionals.

The final goal is to publish a paper in a peer-reviewed international scientific journal. The results are also presented in conferences. All this is available on I'm also regularly updating a blog about my research on pedestrian behavior: