Studio_Plastic: Almere + Shard

by Studio_Plastic, Birmingham Sch

We are architecture students carrying out research in Shard End (UK) and Almere (NL).

We are Studio_Plastic, a group of architecture students based at Birmingham School of Architecture. We are carrying out site investigations in two locations in order to inform a year-long study as part of the Masters in Architecture programme.

The two sites we are studying are Shard End, Birmingham, UK and Almere, NL.

We are hoping to use data to reveal the way people use these areas; hoping it will reveal invisible boundaries, main arterial routes, and maybe more.

If enough data can be gathered, it will be used to prepare a set of information - maps and diagrams - that will begin to inform a series of theoretical projects at these sites. The data may be presented as part of a wider body of work. All data will remain strictly anonymous.

Access to the OpenPaths account will only be granted to students that can demonstrate a genuine requirement for the data. No public computers or mobile devices, will ever be used to access the data. Under no circumstances will access be granted to the OpenPaths account, or the data shared with any person, or organisation outside of this project.

If enough data can be collected, the maps will be made available at the above website for public viewing and may also be viewed at the Birmingham School of Architecture upon request.