MovDiver Index

by Universidad Carlos III

Using mobility data to unveil the diversity of movements and its impact in the economic development of cities and areas. Creation of "mobility indexes" that could anticipate economic growth.

Economical development and innovation comes from the cultural, social and information sharing between many different sources and actors. But how about mobility? Does the mobility reflect that diversity of ideas and thus anticipate the economic development of cities and areas? The aim of the project is to build new synthetic indexes that measure that mobility diversity and that could be precursors of well-being, economic development, etc. at an unprecedented time and space scale. This project is based on our recent investigations of the relationship between mobility diversity and economic growth and aims to scale up those results to a larger and wider scale. Our final goal is to empower users with an application that could use those economical indexes as an alternative measure of social well-being to traditional surveys.

Data will be used to gather information about the mobility diversity of people around an area and its correlation with the economic development of the area. To this end we will use OpenPaths data to get information about transitions between different areas at different time and length scales. Data will be aggregated at the level of geographical areas.

Data will be only accessed by the members of the group through a dedicated server which will be only accessible through secure channels.

The community will have access to the results of our project. Our group is a research one in an University and thus we will try to publish a paper about the technical aspects of our findings. We will also provide a web application in which users could check the results of our investigations by geographical area.