In SF? train, bus, cable car?

by Kenneth Kuhn

I would like to study what influences people's choice of mode of public transportation.

MUNI in San Francisco manages a diverse network of bus, trolley bus, light rail, cable car, and streetcar lines. I would like to investigate how people traveling on public transportation between origins and destinations in the city choose whether to take a bus or a light rail train, for example. Clearly, the location of the origins, destinations, and various MUNI lines will be important. Various demographic data might also be important. The results may indicate which areas of the city, or origin-destination pairs, are particularly poorly (or well) served by different modes of public transportation. Mode choice studies are common in transportation engineering, but generally focus on car vs. bus or car vs. train comparisons.

I will need data showing where exactly people are traveling within San Francisco. Such data is difficult to obtain.

I will keep the data on my personal, password protected laptop. I will delete the data after completing the described study.

I hope to publish a paper that will be available to the general public and based on aggregated data. If, during the course of the study, I create any interesting figures or artwork that will not appear in the paper, I will make these figures and artwork available to the OpenPaths community.