Smart Mobility

by Samiul Hasan/Satish Ukkusuri

Discovering Individual Activity-Travel Patterns from Smartphone Data

Understanding individual activity pattern is fundamentally important for many applications. For example, individual activity behavior and location choices are critical for predicting travel demand for urban networks and thus solving traffic congestion issues for the major cities. In this project we would like to collect the data from a big city (e.g., New York Metropolitan area) and build an activity-travel pattern model based on the data.

The Openpaths dataset will contain different locations that an individual visits over many days. This will enable us to infer the types of activities that people participate in different locations. Specially, these data have an enormous potential to be used for modeling activity types, activity locations and activity duration patterns capturing the spatio-temporal aspects of activity participation behavior. Based on this data we will build models to understand and predict the spatio-temporal patterns of human activities and the resulting traffic congestion in a big city.

We believe that the research on activity behaviors based on this dataset will give us the fundamental knowledge of human activity patterns. Moreover, our models will lead to developing tools that are useful for many different applications for solving societal problems such as traffic congestion, planning and designing road networks, disaster preparedness, predicting the spread of viruses and evolution of epidemics due to human movements.

Your data will be used for a PhD research project at Purdue University. The topic of the research is how to use geo-location data for modeling individual activity-travel patterns. The data will be used for estimating the mobility models developed as part of the research. Integrating these models with a traffic simulation model, we will build an activity-travel simulator.

We will store the data in a secure password-protected hard drive. We will not share the data with anyone outside our research group.

We are an active research group working on mobility patterns and transportation network modeling at Purdue University. The outcomes from this project will be published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The PhD dissertation based on this data will also be available to the public.