Improving Context Measurement

by A. Reeves

Social science measures geographic context in a variety of ways, which we aim improve by utilizing OpenPaths data.

Social science research in political science, sociology, and other fields often uses a single highly aggregated measure to describe the political and social contexts in which people spend their time. For example, the unemployment level in the state in which a survey respondent lives might be used to describe the economic conditions the person encounters. Such state, Congressional district, or county measures are common. Using OpenPaths location data, we hope to measure the political and social contexts in which people live at finer levels of detail.

We will match OpenPaths location data to other aggregate measures of local context.

To ensure no unauthorized access to OpenPaths data, we will follow all university confidentiality and security procedures in the execution and distribution of our research.

The goal of this project is to produce academic research to better understand where individuals live. We will make all publications available on our personal websites.