Longboarding China

by Politecnico di Milano

Are you in China? Are you longboarding? Let's start re-map China!

Longboarding in China is a thesis project from an italian 25 y.o. designer.
Of course she is a longboarder, too.
Of course her purpose is not just to research on chinese youth but to spread the voice of a growing phenomenon in a such amazing country as China.

In China there are longboarders but nobody know.
I want to develop a longboarding-action sport App for chinese to find people with their same interests, creating connections... and show it to the rest of the world!

The data of my research, since it's a master graduation thesis, will stay inside my Politecnico of Milan University controll. Nobody will be able to use those without ask my, your and my University permission.

I am a designer. I will share my thesis paper to the ones who will require it.
(BTW Following the tumblr you'll have enough feedback!)

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