Mobility and Sustainability

by Institute ENPB (TU Munich)

The research project aims to understand how travel patterns in an urban context influence the sustainability of the built environment.

The project is a research based effort at the Technical University of Munich. The research project is concerned with new methodologies for analyzing the environmental performance of buildings. Of particular concern is the impact of daily mobility on the overall environmental performance of a building compared to traditional sustainability strategies such as utilizing recycled material or renewable energy.

The data will be used to analyze the influence of a building’s location within an urban context on daily travel patterns. From this travel data the research will investigate the environmental impacts due to mobility. The environmental impacts from mobility will then be compared to other environmental design alternatives.

All data will be protected from unauthorized access through data encryption. Absolutely no data will be shared with third parties.

The project will be used for research purposes at the Technical University of Munich. Research findings may be presented in graduate theses or dissertations, and may be used for peer-reviewed academic articles.

The aim of the project is pure academic research. All publications, theses, dissertations, etc. will be available through the Institute’s website: