Location Based Storytelling Ap

by Elena Parker

Researching how to disburse pieces of a story over a person's daily movements.

I am working on my graduate school thesis, an app which will disburse pieces of a story around a person's daily routine and movements. As you spend your day, you will pick up different pieces of the story depending on the different locations that you visit.

I hope to use OpenPaths data as a reference as I break apart the story, in order to estimate the frequency and distance of the story-pieces. The research will help me build a prototype for my own user testing.

OpenPaths data will be used as a research tool and reference point as I build a prototype of my project, aiding me in breaking a part a story and disbursing the pieces over various locations.

I will only use the data in my own research, will not publish it and will delete it upon successfully building my prototype.

I am creating an artwork/storytelling tool. I will also be sharing my process as part of my thesis documentation, but will never publish data in a way that identifies participants.