Forgotten Public Space

by Darren Smith

A project to understand the use of public space in cites, focusing on over looked as spaces of poor quality and there role in the future of our built environment.

This research is being carried out as part of my studies at the University of Liverpool. I argue that the ideal splendour of any future utopian city to emerge from an existing city would not be possible without architectural spaces of poor quality to generate a visible and emotional contrast. My research will be focused on the City of Liverpool, UK but examples of use across the globe would be greatly welcomed to show a precedent for further implementation of my research. I wish people to allow access to there data in order to map cities in a way as to show areas that people avoid. In order to be in depth I need to be able to compare the different times day/night, days week/weekend, weather summer/winter etc.

Establishing my argument, I am required to locate via a mapping exercise the spaces I refer to above. The use of data received will only be used for this purpose. No individual information provided will be shown individually but rather collectively.

No personal/individual information will be shown in my work. No information/data will be passed on to other parties for profit/free. Once completed and published all information/raw data received will be deleted leaving only the resulting maps highlighting the use of space within the cities.

Results will be completely available through the project's website: