by TrinityHaus

To map how people use Dublin city

People trace paths as they move through their daily lives. This project wants to look at these paths and compare them.

Do some people operate in just a few small areas?
Do some people travel throughout the city?
Do some paths look like lines, or squiggles or pendulums?
How often do people leave the city?

I want to analyse these paths and see what conclusions can be drawn about how people use the city, and see what we can do with those conclusions.

I envisage that each individuals path will be used to generate a shape on a map, which will contain hot spots (frequently visited areas) and cold spots (non-frequently visited areas). These maps will be analysed collectively to see how individual each map is, and what patterns can be found.

Data will be stored, used and protected in line with the Irish Data Protection act and the guidelines of Trinity College Dublin.

I have my own website - where I publish comments and observations on what I find. I will also be publishing academic papers on anything worth publishing.