Variation in Activity Spaces

by Concordia University, TRIP Lab

Evaluating the temporal variability in activity spaces

I am a transportation researcher and I do a lot of work with the
Montreal Origin Destination survey. A question I would like to be able
to answer is whether people's activity spaces (more or less the size
of the area they cover during their regular travel) vary greatly over
time. The OD survey allows us to figure this out for a given day, but
not for multiple days. After looking at my own data on OpenPaths, I
think I can get a handle on this question if I had access to more
OpenPaths data for Montreal.

As a result, my request would be for the available OpenPaths data for
trips in the region of Montreal:

NW corner of region:
Lon: -74.747449
Lat: 46.395545

SE corner of region:
Lon: -72297962
Lat: 44.674069

The GPS coordinates recorded on people's phones will be used to create activity spaces (convex hull polygons) covered in their daily activities. This will hopefully be done over several days. We will be able to get a sense of how these spaces change over the course of days and weeks.

I (and possibly a graduate student of mine) will be the only people who get access to this data. It will be saved password-protected on our server.

This would be used to write an academic paper.