urbanAPI (EU FP7)

by AIT (lead: Fraunhofer)

Trying to build tools for urban planners based on GSM data

The FP7 project's urbanAPI toolset will allow the fast development and deployment of participative policy support applications. These applications can be used for decision support, conflict management, analysis and visualisation and rely on innovative interaction platforms.

AIT's GSM part of urbanAPI will explore phone connection data regarding the spatio-temporal distribution per GSM cell within the cities. The device volume geo-coded to the GSM cells is taken to generate maps and density surfaces to illustrate sojourn distribution. E.g. maps will show different attractiveness patterns like population density peaks which mark either attractive places attracting people or they mark areas which lack opportunities to escape (e.g. congested commuter highways) etc..

(EU FP7, grant agreement no: 288577, Project full title: " Interactive Analysis, Simulation and Visualisation Tools for Urban Agile Policy Implementation ")

OpenPaths data will be used as an additional dataset to already available anonymised datasets from local mobile telecommunication providers.

The datasets will be kept on an AIT dedicated intranet workstation. There will be no distribution of OpenPath's source data whatsoever. Only derived (anonymised) datasets and tools build on them will be made available to the public.

There will be urbanAPI tools available at the end of the project. We plan to publish several papers dealing with the urbanAPI GSM application.