Tourists patterns in Spain

by The Data Republic

Unveiling mobility and consumption patterns of tourists visiting Spain.

We are The Data Republic, a Barcelona-based data recycling start-up, and we would like to introduce you our last project, the new Flickr Tourism Indicator 2011.

With this indicator, built on geotagged pics uploaded to Flickr by thousands of users, we want to contribute to identify certain behavior patterns that might be interesting to evaluate the location of new businesses, to better target tourism services or just to improve the mobility and signalization of touristic spots. But this should be as well an interesting way to measure the impact of tourism over cities, not just over the economy but over their public spaces, on the quality of life of their neighborhoods and also their neighbors. We aim to help businesses and organizations in the tourism industry and cities that receive every year millions of visitors who move around their monuments, streets and buy at their shops. Now, we have launch a beta version of the Flickr Tourism Indicator 2011 for Madrid and Barcelona, but we are already working so, very soon, we can incorporate to the indicator some other cities such as New York, London or Paris.

The Flickr Tourism Indicator by The Data Republic stands out as a new, quantitative, objective and smart way to compare the touristic performance and success of different cities, different city’s areas or different tourist attractions, as well as to measure the impact of tourism over cities. Smart tourism for smart cities.

We want to add OpenPaths data to our Flickr Tourism Indicator to confirm tourists patterns. We are also carrying out a project on consumption patterns during the MWC held in Barcelona.

We work with all security standars for dealing with private data. For instance, we are currently working with credit card transactions data by the second largest bank in Spain. We work with Amazon Cloud Servers.

Results will be completely available through our project's website: